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The Top of Spinal Implant Manufacturers

Twin City EDM and Manufacturing has been in business since 1959. Over the years, the company has provided highly specialized services to key industries. One of our areas of specialization is in the production of surgical equipment, spinal implants, orthopedic implants, and other types of medical devices.

Moving to the top of the list of American-based spinal implant manufacturers has allowed us to work with some of the leading companies in the field of spinal implant development. We have worked with these companies to produce their prototypes and then, once approved, we have been able to transition into production, ensuring full quality control and dependability for their marketing and sales teams.

Our Commitment

One of the reasons we are considered among the top spinal implant manufacturers in the country is our company-wide commitment to quality. We are an ISO 9001 2008 registered company, which means we have a quality control and customer service plan in place that includes all aspects of our production.

We are also ISO 13485 Certified. For those new to medical or surgical equipment manufacturing, this demonstrates that we are certified to produce medical devices to meet the standards set forth by the medical devices industry.

This certification is essential for our customers, providing information on our standards, quality control methods, and our ability to work to the very demanding requirements of medical device and equipment manufacturing.

Creativity and Problem Solving

Another reason that Twin City EDM and Manufacturing is so highly recognized as a leader in spinal implant manufacturers, is our ability to work on very challenging projects. We can take on projects that most companies will not even attempt due to of the challenges they pose with intricate components, or the need to work with very challenging materials such as titanium, or other alloys.

With our experience, coupled with our commitment to quality and customer service, we continue to have the opportunity to work with top innovative companies in the medical implant industry. We are ready to help you, today!

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