Laser Marking

Twin City EDM provides custom laser marking of metals, including: steel, brass, and titanium, as well as plastics, ceramics, rubber, and others. Our 90 watt solid state laser can engrave parts with a maximum engraving depth of .003″ to tolerances of ±.001″. Our laser marking services are able to achieve a maximum engraving area of 12″ x 12″ with character sizes between .025″ and 4″. Available fonts include Helvetica, OCR-A, Bar Code – 39, Script, Block, and Gothic True Type. Text may be engraved in a linear, angular, or ring orientation. Additionally, we can engrave logos from CAD, bitmap, and vector graphic formats. Laser engraving is a fast, economical process that provides a durable method of branding, and parts traceability.

We provide laser engraving of surgical implants, medical devices, firearm components, and other parts used in the medical, aerospace, and defense industries. Laser marking provides a very cost effective way to trace critical components. This can not only help when it comes to assembly, repair or maintenance, it can also be extremely useful as a security measure or to ensure buyers know that parts conform with appropriate guidelines or limits by the laser marking applied to them.

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