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Wire EDM Services – Uses and Benefits

Wire EDM is a metalworking process with the help of which a material is separated from a conductive work piece, by means of electrical erosion.

EDM services can be used to cut or manipulate hard metals that are often times difficult to cut using traditional methods. This process, which is provided by our experts at Twin City EDM and Manufacturing, can also be used to make tools, punches from any conductive material.

The Use of EDM Services

Wire EDM can allow companies to manufacture much more elaborate designs from metals including 3D shapes and extremely intricate designs. For this reason, this process is widely used in industries such as electronics and aerospace for prototyping and manufacturing various parts. Other industries that use EDM services include metal shops, jewelry designers, and automotive manufacturers, in addition to companies that supply parts to various industries.

Many manufactures are profiting from the production of wire electrical discharge machining systems. There is a large selection available in EDM wires, providing a choice of optimum brands, typed, diameter, spool size and spool weight for almost any machine and application.

Advantages of EDM Services

  • Very hard material to very close tolerances
  • Very small work pieces where traditional machining tools can sometimes damage parts due to excess cutting pressure.
  • Having no direct contact between the work piece and tool means fragile sections and weak, materials can be machined without any distortion. Two limiting disadvantages of this service include relatively high electrical power consumption and any materials used must be electrically conductive.
    At Twin City EDM and Manufacturing, we offer precision wire EDM services to customers that need close tolerance cutting of difficult geometries. We have created our own tooling and can cut a wide range of part sizes to meet your requirements.

We also offer heat-treating, descaling, haperizing, centrifugal finishing, anodizing, and hard coating services. Our value added services along with our commitment to on-time delivery has made us a favored vendor for many large manufacturers in the medical, aerospace, and defense industries.

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