6 Things to Know about Wire EDM Maintenance

What is EDM?
EDM stands for electrical discharge machining. This refers to a manufacturing process that uses electrical discharges to create the desired outcome or shape of a material. Some of these processes include spark machining, wire burning, wire erosion, spark eroding and burning, among others.

What is a wire EDM machine?

This refers to machines that come with a ton of parts that apply tension to the wire during a machining process. Among the many machining pieces of equipment out there, the Wire EDM machine needs a great deal of maintenance and upkeep.

What to do to keep your machine in shape?

The best way to make sure your EDM machines are in great condition is to pay for regular maintenance services. Have the equipment checked out by a professional on a regular basis. Preventive maintenance measures are the best way to make sure your machine keeps running at peak performance. This way, you can easily reduce the down time that comes with routine maintenance checks, says Mold Making Technology. That’s because frequent checks can help you catch problems before they get worse. So problems won’t have a chance to worsen. By resolving those minor issues, you can keep your Wire EDM machine in great shape.

What are other preventive measures you can take?

Aside from regular checks, cleaning the machine before and after every use is good practice for keeping the machine in top form. Wiping down the machine helps make the maintenance go easier. Just remember to be careful about the cleaning solutions you choose, though. Some acids might prove corrosive to parts of your machine, especially to the DI resin. So before you take that cleaning solution, check it out. Also, be sure to thoroughly rinse the area with water. Residues can leave behind damaging substances to parts of your machine.

Do you need to lubricate the machine?

Yes. Always keep it lubricated. This one is crucial to keeping your machine functioning at peak levels. Without it, machine systems will eventually get damaged or end up compromised. If you don’t want that happening to your machines and hurting your productivity levels, then make sure you keep your machine lubricated.

Where to buy one?

Go to a trusted provider to make sure you get quality machines. Never compromise on your safety by opting for cheaper options. Quality can cost you more but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

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