Benefits of Multi Axis Milling

If your shop has a milling machine, you can use it for many things. However, when you use computer numeric control for milling, you can speed up the process and perform precision work on a number of materials. With the help of multi axis milling, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits:

Multiple Axis Defined

In any CNC machine, each axis can perform a different funtion, or cutting feature. Many machines have 3 axes, and this can give you three-dimensional shapes. However, multi axis milling uses four or more axes, and this opens up a new world of machining.

Benefits of 5-Axis Machining

When you are performing five functions during the same process, you can do the work of several machinists. For example, imagine a workpiece that needs 3 different machining processes. Each time you finish one piece, it must go to another workstation. Now imagine combining all this work into one operation. This can give you:

  • Less labor required – in a typical machine shop, labor is one of your biggest operating expenses. This is a good way to lower your overall costs, and the savings can be passed on to the customer.
  • Time – Taking on multiple processes on one machine drastically cuts production time, and increases efficiency.
  • Higher quality – multi axis milling can give you smoother surface finishes for higher-quality work.
  • Greater complexity – create complex, precise parts that are not possible to produce with your current machinery.

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