Machining of Stainless Steel Shafts

With our decades of experience, Twin City EDM and Manufacturing is the supplier of choice for many customers in the medical device industry. The stainless steel shaft pictured here, used in orthopedic knee surgery, represents a typical project we have in-shop on a continual basis.

To fabricate this part, we utilized our 9-axis Swiss turning center, which gave us the ability to perform multiple operations simultaneously to machine the complex contours and intricately angled radii. Our combination of high-tech equipment and master machinists enabled us to maintain dimensional tolerances of ±0.0015″ and angular tolerances of ±0.5º on this part, which featured dimensions of 2.7559″ in length and 1.0630″ in height. Additional operations consisted of heat treating and passivating for strength and corrosion resistance, as well as grinding and bead blasting to achieve the desired surface finish.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and advanced manufacturing and inspection technologies enabled us to cost-effectively fabricate the 30 units in this order in less than 4 weeks. For more information about this project or how our ability to manufacture precision parts both rapidly and economically can benefit your next project, contact us today.

Technical Specifications

Product Name Shafts Primary Capabilities Applied/Processes CNC Turning Services CNC Milling Services Grinding Services
Secondary Capabilities Applied/Processes Heat Treating Passivation Bead Blasting Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 9-Axis Swiss Turning Machine Vertical CNC Mill
Overall Length
2.7559 Inch
Overall Height 1.0630 Inch
Dimensional Tightest Tolerances (+/-) 0.0015 Inch Angular Tightest Tolerances (+/-)
0.5 º
Material Used 17-4 PH Stainless Steel In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Dimensional Inspection Visual Inspection
Industry for Use Medical Device Volume
Delivery/Turnaround Time 2.5 to 4 Weeks Standards Met Customer Specifications 2D CAD Drawing