Manufacturing of Punch Noses

Twin City EDM and Manufacturing continually invests in advanced technology equipment that allows us to efficiently and effectively fabricate intricate and complex components. With a reputation for executing part features that were previously thought to be unattainable, we were contracted by a customer in the beverage industry to provide a solution for drilling micro holes in the tool shown here. Used to form beverage cans at a high rate of speed, this punch nose was fabricated from tough M2 tool steel hardened at RC 62-64.

Our CNC micro hole EDMs, equipped with automatic electrode feeders, feature the ability to locate parts within very exacting tolerances. We programmed the equipment to pop multiple holes at 55 degrees around a circular pattern through this very hard material while leaving an immaculate, burr-free hole. Dimensional and visual inspections ensured that we met the tight ±0.002″ tolerance requirements. We shipped the 60 units in this order to the customer in less than one week’s time.

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Technical Specifications

Product Name Punch Noses Primary Capabilities Applied/Processes Hole Popping Services
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Current EDM Tightest Tolerances 0.0004 Inch
Material Used Nickel 211 6061 T6 Aluminum Material Finish 32 µin
In process testing/ inspecting performed Dimensional Inspection Visual Inspection Industry for Use
Aircraft Industry
Volume 100 Sleeves Delivery/Turnaround Time 4 to 6 Weeks
Delivery Location Customer Specifications 2D CAD Drawing