Sleeves for Aircraft Industry

With a proven reputation for manufacturing high quality parts for critical applications, we manufactured sleeves for a customer in the aviation industry. Used to secure instrumentation on the wing of an aircraft, this part featured a complex geometry that required precision crafting to ensure its reliable performance in extreme conditions.

We fabricated this part from Nickel 211, chosen for its high strength and superior corrosion resistance. Utilizing our multi-spindle twin turret lathe, Mazak vertical CNC mill, and CNC sinker EDM, we were able to form the tight variations on compound radii while maintaining a thin, uniform wall thickness. Machined to ultra-exact ± .0004″” tolerances, we deburred each piece and laser marked them to provide full part traceability.

Our flexible operations enabled us to manufacture 12 of these intricate pieces in less than six weeks. Nothing less than our intense attention to detail would have guaranteed the success of this project.

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Technical Specifications

Product Name
Petostatic Tubes
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Twin turret mulitspindle lathe turning, 2 axis Milling, Automated Sinker EDM
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Nakamura, Mazak, Mitsubishi EDM
Tightest Tolerances
+/-.0002 to +/- .005
Material Used
Nickel 211 and 201
Material Finish
16 - 32 micro inch finish
In process testing/ inspecting performed
CMM and Vision System
Industry for Use
Aircraft and Aero space
10, 100, 1000, 5000
Delivery/Turnaround Time
6 - 8 weeks.
Delivery Location
USA, East and West coast
Standards Met
ISO 9001:2016 & ISO 13485:2015 Certified

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