Twin City EDM for Your Wire EDM Services

If your company works with very hard metals, or you need to work intricate shapes, then standard machining methods cannot match what you can do with modern wire EDM equipment. At Twin City EDM, we offer precision work, and you will enjoy a number of benefits when you work with us. Let’s look at some reasons why Twin City EDM is the partner you should trust.

Working with Titanium

If your shop has ever tried machining titanium, you know how much trouble it can be. Titanium does not conduct heat well, and can cause premature wear. In some machining methods, it creates long chips that can pose a number of problems. However, if you serve customers in the medical device, surgical equipment, or aerospace industries, titanium is an important metal.

Twin City EDM routinely works with difficult metals like titanium. Our wire EDM processes allow us to make precise cuts and deliver the highest-quality parts and materials. If you need high tolerance work, we are the company to turn to. We can give you hole tolerances of .001 and contour tolerances of .002 of an inch.


Nothing can replace the knowledge that comes from many years of experience. We have been in business since the 1950s, and have pretty much “seen it all”. Our extensive experience means we will be able to handle even the most challenging jobs effectively.

American Contract Manufacturing Services

There’s no need to go overseas if you need medical device contract manufacturing. We can serve your needs, and keep all the work in the United States.

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