Reliable Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

If you are thinking about outsourcing the production of your medical devices, here are a few tips to assist you with choosing the right medical device contract manufacturing company to partner with.

What is Contract Manufacturing?

If you have a product idea, you may need to enlist the services of a contract manufacturing company to bring your product to market. At Twin City EDM and Manufacturing, we provide the necessary expertise in medical device contract manufacturing to make your designs a reality.

By choosing us as your medical device contract manufacturing partner, you can work with a product team that is uniquely capable of producing your product. From concept, to customization, to manufacturing, to delivery: we can do it all!

Here are a few tips for choosing a medical contract manufacturer.

A Manufacturer with the Right Technology and Experience

Find out the expertise and abilities of the company. Research products that the company has commercialized, and ask for references, or customer testimonials. Look for medical device contract manufacturing companies that have a proven record of experience in the services you require. This ensures that the engineering and development teams who develop, and manufacture, your product will have the skills needed to get the job done with minimal problems.

Manufacturers that Offer Consultation Services

Look for a company that can provide engineering consultation services throughout the project life cycle. Consider these tips when looking for engineering support:

  • Continuous development program for product cost and quality
  • Parts management with ongoing design support
  • Support for field repairs, returns, and upgrades
  • Support for field maintenance kits

Quality Management Systems

Look for a company that uses reliable quality management systems. The company you choose should have well-documented records, and detailed reporting. Perform a quality system audit of prospective companies before committing to medical device contract manufacturing company.

At Twin City EDM and Manufacturing, with decades of experience behind us, we have become a supplier of choice for many customers in the medical device industry. With rising healthcare costs, we look for opportunities to provide our customers with value-based solutions, that have a positive impact on the medical companies, and their patients, we serve.

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