CNC Swiss Machining Services

Precision CNC Swiss machining services provides a cost-effective solution to create components for customers in the medical, defense, surgical, and aerospace industries.

Advantages of Swiss Turning Process

One advantage of the Swiss turning process, which we offer at Twin City EDM and Manufacturing, is that the materials used are supported close to the tools that are being cut, using a guided bushing. This can help prevent deflection of the bar stock when using conventional turning processes.

Having an automatic bar feeder and the ability to machine parts while turning, means customers can their parts faster at a lower production cost than traditional turning methods.

Other advantages of the Swiss turning process include:

  • Complex designs and complex parts can be machined to completion on one machine.
  • Small orders from 1,000 pieces to high volume orders can easily be completed through Swiss machining.

Industries Service by Swiss Machining

The flexibility of CNC Swiss turning services can benefit a range of industries such as aerospace, architectural, electronics, medical and military, just to name a few. These turning services are ideal for materials such as metal, rubber polymers, plastic, ceramics, graphite, and conductive composites. Swiss turning is ideal for long parts and small-diameter parts under .125.

Applications of these services can include:

  • Engine and machine components
  • Pins, valves, shafts, and forgings
  • Fittings and spacers for jewelry
  • Fasteners, spindles, sockets and standoffs
  • Long medical devices and implants
  • A variety of connecting components for aerospace and electronics
  • Contacts used in connectors
  • Watch parts

Features of Our Swiss Machining Services

At Twin City EDM and Manufacturing, we offer CNC Swiss machining services for the surgical, medical, aerospace, and other industries. Our turning centers use 7-axis machining, which helps us to execute a broad range of turning services. These services include single point threading, angular and polygon cutting, broaching, thread whirling, hard milling and other services. We are certified and highly trained to make certain all parts meet your complete satisfaction.

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