Detail with Multi Axis Machining Capacity

One of the most important services that Twin City EDM and Manufacturing is able to offer our customers is dependable, precision machining for parts of all sizes, in all types of industries.

We specialize in working with multi axis machining systems that can be set to provide the tight tolerances required in demanding manufacturing, including medical and surgical equipment and devices, firearms manufacturing, defense-industry contracting, and even in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Cutting Edge Technology

With our multi axis machining options, including our 7-axis Swiss turning systems, we can produce incredible detail in the very-small parts that are required in these specialized industries. The precision of this equipment offers tolerances as high as plus or minus 0.0001 inches, and the ability to provide motion incrementation of 0.000039 inches.

With our Swiss turning and multi axis machining, the multiple tools that can be used allow for a wide-range of different operations to be completed on the same workpiece, by the same machine, at the same time. This includes turning, cutting, threading, hard milling, as well as slotting and shaping.

This, in turn, results in a lower cost per unit as these systems are very fast and require only operator oversight. This avoids the limitation that occurs when the workpiece has to be transferred to different equipment, or when the operator has to be involved in workpiece placement or system adjustments.

Materials Possible

CNC machining using multi-axis equipment is not restricted to metals and metal alloys. With our experience with this cutting edge technology, we are able to work with rubbers, polymers, plastics, ceramics and graphite workpieces. We can even work with conductive composites to provide the top-quality results our customers expect from our machining services.

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