Is Multi Axis Milling the Service You Need?

When there is a demand for extreme precision and manufacturing to high tolerances, there you need to use multi axis milling.

The Difference

At Twin City EDM and Manufacturing, we offer multi axis milling with our Swiss machining equipment. This is a highly precise system that uses CNC technology to control the use of multiple tools on multiple axes to create the part of from the workpiece using only one machine.

A typical CNC machine will use three axes of movement. With the use of the multi axis systems, there are at least four axes, typically five, in use at one time. This has the obvious advantage to produce the part with fewer passes and with fewer changes in machines to get the part completed.

Evaluating Your Part

To determine if using the multi axis machine is in your best interests, we will need to know the specifics of the part you wish to produce. In some cases, particularly with simple shapes and milling requirements, we recommend a standard three axis machining equipment. For the more complex parts where multiple tools will be needed to complete the shape, we can discuss the option of multi axis milling.

In using the multi axis machining systems, our customers will find a superior finish, and a faster production time. This means a lower cost per unit of actual milling, which can be an essential consideration for large volume orders or for regular smaller orders that will be placed over time.

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