Sinker EDM

Twin City EDM has been providing sinker EDM services since 1959. We produce our copper or brass electrodes in-house, allowing us complete control over the manufacturing process. We have both manual and CNC sinker EDMs which can be equipped with automatic tool changers to completely automate the process. Automation helps to ensure the consistency of each component making the process more efficient and faster than manual intervention. Sinker EDM equipment has the advantage of not stressing the material in use. If you need components that provide strong, durable performance, sinker EDM could be the perfect solution. These capabilities allow us to cut complex profiles into any conductive material, including exotic and precious metals.

We specialize in the cutting of difficult-to-machine materials such as tool steels, conductive ceramics and super alloys. Because sinker EDM uses electrical discharge to cut the profile into the work piece, hardened alloys will not suffer the same heat distortion as with traditional machining methods. We can cut work pieces up to 24″ x 31″ x 47″ with a minimum part feature of .008″, an accuracy of ±.00002″ and a repeatability of ±.00005″. Our sinker EDM leaves a machined surface finish of 8RA. We offer a very fast turnaround, typically 1-2 weeks on sinker EDM parts.

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