Swiss Turning / CNC Turning

At Twin City EDM and Manufacturing we accomplish difficult and demanding projects by investing in our machinery and equipping our craftsmen with the best tools and machines available. Intricate equipment allows us to provide delicate and detailed services including Swiss machining and multi axis machining.

Twin City EDM offers precision 7-axis Swiss turning services to customers in the medical, surgical, aerospace and defense industries. Swiss turning is an optimal choice for producing complex, precision parts from a number of materials including metals, rubber polymers, plastics, ceramics, graphite, and conductive composites.

The material being machined is firmly held by a guide bushing, deflection in the part is minimized. This advanced capability allows us to achieve tolerances as tight as ±.0001″, with motion incrementation of .000039″. Parts can be machined with a maximum size of 1.25″ x 12′.

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