Wire EDM

Here at Twin City EDM and Manufacturing, we offer wire EDM services to enable our machinists to work with hard metals that are generally too difficult to machine via other conventional methods. By using wire, our experts can program the machinery to cut difficult and delicate shapes. This allows us to work closely with customers requiring close tolerance cutting of complex geometrics.

We manufacture our own tooling at Twin City EDM, which gives us the capability of cutting a variety of part sizes up to 53″ x 30″ x 17″. The Wire EDM process gives us the ability to work with wire as small as .004” for intricate shapes and up to .012” for larger shapes. We also have the ability to machine any conductive material including heat treated metals and specialty alloys such as Nitinol and Kovar. The wire EDM methods help cut down on manpower and speed up overall turnaround time. This allows us to prepare general product and custom made parts in as little as one to two weeks. Our precision, expertise, competitive rates and lead times make us one of the top wire EDM service providers in the industry.

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