Small Hole EDM Drilling

EDM machine, or simply EDM is an abbreviation for “electrical discharge machining”. This machine uses electrical discharges to shape, or develop, metal pieces. Shapes that are not easy to create with a grinder, cutting tools, or an end mill are created using an EDM machine.

At Twin City EDM and Manufacturing, we offer precision wire EDM services to customers who need close tolerance cutting of complicated geometries.

Here are several uses of EDM machines for small hole drilling:

  • EDM machines are ideal for developing complex shapes, which are almost impossible to make using traditional cutting tools. EDM machines are the most practical method for creating precise metal components.
  • It is often impossible to drill minute holes on metals using traditional tools, and techniques. If you are creating components that have very small, precise holes, you will absolutely need an EDM machine.
  • Small hole EDM drilling is perfect for developing injection nozzles in molds and coolant holes for tooling. For these processes EDM is a more cost-effective solution than traditional methods.
  • Many companies use small hole EDM drilling machines to put a row of holes into the turbine blades of jet engines. After the small holes are drilled, gas flows them, allowing the engines to be used at higher temperatures.

The applications for EDM services is seemingly infinite. EDM services are often combined with other advanced machining process to create even-more-efficient solutions.

We offer precision wire EDM services, precision sinker EDM services, micro hole popping and burning, and more. We also offer a comprehensive selection of secondary EDM services, which includes heat treating, descaling, anodizing, hard coating, and more.

Our comprehensive solutions, and value- added services, make us the provider of choice for leading manufacturers. If you are interested in our small hole EDM drilling services, contact us today.

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