Differences Between Wire And Sinker EDM

In the world of electrical discharge machines (EDMs), two specific types exist:

  • Wire EDM
  • Sinker EDM – also known as RAM, or conventional EDM

In the decades since the invention of EDM in the 1950s, technological advancements have moved them from purely specialty processes to viable procedures in many machine shops, globally. However, each type has its specific applications. They do not duplicate their functions. At Twin City EDM, we offer both wire and sinker EDM services to our customers.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM utilizes, as the name indicates, a wire to discharge the electric current sent into the electrically conductive metal workpiece. Both the wire and workpiece sit beneath a layer of dielectric fluid. The wire is thin and taut. It acts as a cathode in the process, generally cutting completely through the material. The operator can adjust this to cut only partially through, but a complete cut is more common. The result is a very precise, accurate cut. At Twin City EDM, we use wire EDM to cut our own tools. This allows us to provide any customer with complex, highly accurate tooling of even the most intricate and delicate shapes.

Sinker EDM

Sinker EDM requires an electrode, an insulating fluid, and a power supply. The power supply connects the electrode and the workpiece. The spark resulting from the connection produces a channel. Unlike wire EDM, sinker EDM services do not cut completely through the material. This allows our operators to produce complex shapes. At the same time, it does not induce stress in the material. This makes it an excellent means of producing injection molds, and stamping dies.

Wire and Sinker EDM Services

EDM has undergone a variety of improvements since its invention. The use of CNC and other technological advancements now make it more economical, faster, and flexible. At Twin City EDM, we offer both wire and sinker EDM services for companies in the aerospace and medical-instrumentation industries.

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